Direct Esri Integration


Integrate directly with your Esri® geodatabase to streamline field data collection for greater productivity and efficiency.

Work From Your Esri Environment

The TerraFlex™ add-in for ArcMap® enables you to create projects straight from your Esri geodatabase and download collected data directly back into it. There are no import and export processes to manage, meaning higher data quality and greater productivity.

Simplify Project Set-Up

From the TerraFlex add-in you can publish templates for data collection in TerraFlex using the fields defined in your GIS. If you need to update existing GIS data, simply select the features and send them straight to the field using TerraFlex tasks. Once the data has been collected, download it directly into your GIS with a simple button click.


Compatible with Your Geodatabase

The TerraFlex add-in works with both File and Enterprise geodatabases, and supports features such as versioning, geometric networks, sub-types, attachments and domains. Tables can also be used to create templates for non-spatial data collection and update.

Download the TerraFlex Add-in for ArcMap

Download the latest version of the TerraFlex add-in for ArcMap and see the User Guide for more information on how to get started.

What's New

TerraFlex add-in for ArcMap v3.93

The TerraFlex add-in for ArcMap has been updated to support users who have migrated to Trimble Connect. The add-in will check your migration status and update your published projects as necessary to work with Trimble Connect.

  • Added a new project type for TerraFlex on Connect: Users still syncing with InSphere should continue to use the TerraFlex on InSphere project type.
  • Improved auto-field handling for TerraFlex on Connect workflows: Certain auto-fields have configurable units (horizontal/vertical accuracy, created/updated dates). Previously, each unit option was presented as its own auto-fill field type on the Layer Settings page of the project wizard. This has been improved and now the unit selection is a choice made within the appropriate auto-field selection.
  • Support for auto-increment field type in TerraFlex on Connect workflows: In the project wizard, the user can now designate a single numeric and/or a single string field per layer (template) to be populated via TerraFlex's auto-increment field type. Starting values can also be provided.

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