Mobile Workflows
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  • Fast, efficient, geospatial data collection across a fleet of mixed devices
  • Import and update existing data for up-to-the-minute information
  • Streamlined data management to keep your data organized
  • Direct integration with your Esri environment

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Mobile Data Collection

Set up projects and send your teams out with multiple form templates for an optimal data collection workflow.

Use Your Existing Devices

Supports iOS, Android, WEHH and selected tablet devices running Windows. Field workers can work with their choice of device, from their personal phone to a high-accuracy handheld, and collect data in the same way. Eliminate the need to carry a GPS device, camera, clipboard, and printed maps, by centralizing onto a single device.

Work Anywhere

Work even in remote areas, with data collection that is fully functional offline. When field workers are back in range, data will automatically sync back to the office.


High Accuracy Positioning

When accuracy is important, Trimble has a range of options that integrate with TerraFlex. The Trimble TDC150 provides scalable high-accuracy positioning in a rugged handheld. Or, connect to the Trimble R1 or R2 GNSS receiver for accurate data delivered straight to your mobile device. For those who have seasonal or infrequent data capture needs, the Trimble Catalyst system is a convenient and affordable solution to access highly accurate positions on demand

Update Your Existing Data

Import pre-existing asset or GIS data into your projects with TerraFlex Advanced and make real-time updates to it in the field. Share that information across the project organization, so all projects members - from the field to office - are working with the most up-to-date data available.

Keep in Sync

Field data is automatically synced with a central server, streamlining office operations and driving higher productivity and cost savings. No need to return to the office to enter field data. No double entry of information re-typing paper forms. Save time, reduce errors.

Hosted in the Cloud

Review the latest data coming in from the field and manage projects in the office with the knowledge you and your team are always up to date.

Fully Managed

Trimble TerraFlex takes care of all the database administration and management, so you don't need to expend resources to manage another system. Focus on the job at hand without having to manage back end systems.

Keep Your Data Organized

With multiple field workers and numerous jobs you need to keep it all organized. Group templates and data collection assignments into projects and assign them to your field crews.

Form Template Versioning

Project needs change over time. Data integrity is ensured as form templates can be edited and seamlessly rolled out to the team as project requirements change.


Quick Template Set Up

Whatever your data collection needs, the drag and drop interface makes for efficient form template creation. Group and organize fields to create simple to navigate forms that allow for fast entry, or you can set up templates automatically from your imported data.

TerraFlex Editions

Choose the TerraFlex license that suits your needs:

Get Started

TerraFlex Basic

If you are looking to collect new data in the field, TerraFlex Basic edition enables you to set up form templates to capture attribute rich and accurate data in the field.

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TerraFlex Advanced

If you have existing utility or GIS data and need to keep that information up to date, TerraFlex Advanced edition enables you to import that data and update it in the field*

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*Basic edition functionality is available with the Advanced edition.

Technical Specifications

Data Collection

  • Point, line, polygon
  • Field types:
    • Numeric (standard numeric input plus measurements fields):
      • Length - imperial and metric
      • Angles - degrees
    • Text
    • Date
    • Selection fields:
      • Single Choice/Radio Button
      • Multiple Choice/Check box
      • Boolean/Yes/No
    • Images and signature capture
    • Conditional rules
    • Metadata fields (user, device, accuracy, DOP)
  • Accuracy based logging1
  • Collect nested features


  • Shapefile1


  • CSV
  • Esri file geodatabase
  • Shapefile

1 TerraFlex Advanced edition only.
2 R10 Model 1 and R8s GNSS receivers not available with iOS.
3 Select Android and Trimble devices only.

Data Update1

  • Import existing data from shapefiles
  • Create field collection templates from imported data
  • Create tasks
  • Track task progress
  • Update feature geometry
  • Update feature attributes
  • Navigate to feature

Background Maps

  • Trimble street and satellite basemaps
  • Offline basemaps powered by Trimble data

Device Support

  • Handhelds:
    • Trimble TDC150 handheld
    • Trimble Geo 7X handheld including integrated laser rangefinder support
    • Trimble Nomad® 5 handheld
    • Trimble Juno® 5 series
    • Trimble TDC100 handheld
    • Trimble T10 tablet
    • Trimble Yuma® 2 and Motion tablets
    • Android v4.4 or later
    • iOS 8 or later
  • GNSS Receivers:
    • Trimble R2, R1
    • Trimble R10 Model 1, R8s2
    • Trimble R10 Model 2
    • Trimble Catalyst3
    • Trimble EMPOWER EM100 module

Available Languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish (Latin America)

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